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The Global Flora Project

  • Role:

  • Researcher, UI/UX Designer

  • Timeline:

  • Nov. 2020 - Present

  • Skills:

  • UI/UX Design, Prototyping

  • Tools Used:

  • Figma, HTML/CSS

One of the first things I did when I entered college was join an on-campus research lab. The lab I joined was Professor Vanja Klepac-Ceraj’s microbiology lab and I begin my research creating data visualizations in R. After finding my love for design, I started my own independent study and embarked on a journey to make the Global Flora more accessible.

The Problem

The Global Flora is a "laboratory under glass", a fancy way for saying greenhouse, next to Wellesley College's Science Center. Many students and community members cannot access or locate the Global Flora. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary research is only shared through scientific posters and conferences.

The Design Process

global flora design process global flora design process

User Analysis

sally persona
  • Olivia
  • Goal:
  • Create art inspired by science

  • Pain Points:
  • Olivia is a first year and does not know her way around campus

  • It feels intimidating to explore the Global Flora alone

granny persona
  • Professor Smith
  • Goal:
  • Creating lesson plans around the Global Flora

  • Pain Points:
  • Learning about student research

  • Due to the pandemic, Professor Smith has to work in the temporary greenhouses

Task Analysis

Our team developed 3 high-level tasks:

  1. Find a specific plant within the Global Flora

  2. Get updates about the Global Flora and fun events

  3. Learn about the research being conducted

help hierarchical task analysis

Design Iteration

Paper Prototypes
paper prototype
Final Iteration
global flora final iteration

The Solution

The Global Flora app is designed to feature on-campus activities and research. With components to highlight plants and blooming flowers, the app encourages users to visit the greenhouse to explore. The application emphasizes different events to engage students and community members with a variety of interests and bring the sciences and humanities together.

Concluding Thoughts

Entering college, I took many courses in the natural sciences and felt a disconnect with students in the humanities. As I gradually took more art courses, I wanted to share my love for the sciences and allow my friends to explore with me.