Hello Again!

Here's a little more about myself:

I'm Hannah (she/hers) and I am a UI/UX designer focused on consistency, collaboration, and communication. Currently, I am on the search for a full-time position as a UI/UX designer. My design process stems from my love of art and is nurtured by my education from Wellesley College. I will graduate in May with a B.A. in Media Arts and Sciences which combines both Studio Arts and Computer Science (hence this scrappy website).

As a Chinese American, I am passionate about discussing social issues and understanding how race and gender intersect. In my free time, I enjoy watching political commentary, crying to Korean dramas, and doodling in all of my notebooks.

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Tips for Beginner Coders from a Beginner Coder

  1. Find Inspiration (Cofolios, Friends, Strangers on Linkedin)

  2. Use Tutorials on the Web (Youtube, W3Schools, Stack Overflow)

  3. Don’t use Bootstrap !

  4. Take your time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  5. Have faith in yourself. You are stronger than you know.