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  • Role:

  • UX Researcher

  • Timeline:

  • Aug. 2020 - Oct. 2020

  • Skills:

  • User Research, Prototyping

  • Tools Used:

  • Balsamiq, Sketch, Bootstrap

In my Human-Computer Interaction course, we were tasked with creating a mobile application that builds mental or physical resilience. My partner and I decided to focus on mental resilience and create an app to combat misinformation. Fact-O gives users the power to fact check information they find on social media.

The Problem

In today's day and age, information spreads faster than ever. Many of us are constantly bombarded with new information every time we open social media and it has become harder to differentiate fact from fiction.

The Design Process

facto design process facto design process

User Analysis

jenny persona
  • Jenny
  • Goal:
  • Write factual articles for her school newspaper

  • Pain Points:
  • Jenny finds breaking news stories from Twitter and is afraid of misinformation

  • Her friends send her stories over Instagram without sources

granny persona
  • Mike
  • Goal:
  • Promote critical race theory in schools

  • Pain Points:
  • Mainstream media has depicted critical race theory in an inaccurate and negative light

  • History classes are often whitewashed and do not discuss the implications of white supremacy

Task Analysis

Our team created 3 high-level tasks:

  1. Introduce Fact Checking

  2. Fact Checking a Tweet

  3. Fact Checking an Infographic

facto hierarchical task analysis

Design Iteration

Final Iteration
facto final iteration

The Solution

Fact-O combats misinformation head-on while attracting the younger generation with bright colors and our robot avatar. Through our application, users enhance their media literacy and critical thinking skills.
Final Design Rationale

Concluding Thoughts

Fact-O is my very first design project! It holds a special place in my heart because of how much I learned in such a short period of time. I loved working with my team and getting to learn the ins and outs of UI/UX design and research.