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TechTogether NY 2020

  • Role:

  • UI/UX Designer

  • Timeline:

  • Dec. 2020

  • Skills:

  • UI/UX Design, Prototyping, Front End

  • Tools Used:

  • Figma, Visual Studio Code

TechTogether hosts hackathons designed for women and non-binary hackers around the world. Working until all hours of the night, we were a team comprised of women from Greece, Finland, and the United States. As one of the team’s UI/UX designers, I developed prototypes, created vector images, and communicated frequently with my team members.

The Problem

With the increase of technology and growing isolation due to the pandemic, our society has become fragmented. We are so disconnected that many of us call our neighbors strangers. What happens when we are left alone and have no one to call?

The Design Process

helpmehelpyou design process helpmehelpyou design process

User Analysis

sally persona
  • Sally
  • Goal:
  • Spend quality time with her children

  • Pain Points:
  • Sally finds it difficult to buy groceries and other necessities because she does not want to take her children with her

  • She is often exhausted after a long day of work

granny persona
  • Granny
  • Goal:
  • Find a sense of community in her neighborhood

  • Pain Points:
  • Granny finds it difficult to pick up her medication from the drugstore

  • Due to the pandemic, her son began delivering groceries to her door

Task Analysis

With the personas in mind, our team created 3 high-level tasks:

  1. Set Up An Account

  2. Ask For Help

  3. Help People Around You

help hierarchical task analysis

Design Iteration

Vector Image Creations
vector images

One of my main roles was creating vector graphics for the on-boarding process and main bulletin board feature. For our high fidelity prototype, we decided to focus on two groups in particular: the elderly and single mothers. I designed the vector graphics based on our personas.

Final Iteration
helpmehelpyou final iteration

The Solution

Our application helps strengthen communities through a virtual space that facilitates human connection. The design prioritizes accessibility by featuring easy to read text and real world references.
Final Presentation

Concluding Thoughts

Participating in hackathons always gets my adrenaline rushing. I get to work with people from all around the world and stay up all night discussing our ambitious ideas. Once the weekend ends, we get to relish in our (often incomplete) project and congratulate each other no matter the outcome.

High Fidelity Prototype